The Innovation Mission in Port Management and Development, organized by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile (CAMACOES), which will take place from April 15 to 20, will feature the participation of the Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities, RETE. This event will bring together a group of experts and leading entities in the port sector to exchange experiences and innovative practices, with the aim of enhancing competitiveness and efficiency, both of the Chilean port sector and the global scope.

RETE, a leading body in promoting collaboration between port cities and ports throughout Europe and Latin America, will play a key role in discussion panels and networking sessions, sharing valuable strategies to face the challenges posed by globalization and structural changes in the industry.

MisionPuertos 2024_ 04 de abril

The itinerary of the mission will include visits to important ports in Spain, providing participants with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the best practices in port management and development. Among the confirmed destinations are:

The mission will have meetings on April 15 with Puertos del Estado and RETE, followed by a visit to the Dry Port of Coslada.

On April 16, attendees will visit the Port of Valencia, the Valenciaport Foundation, and participate in presentations by Opentop and Invest in Valencia.

On April 17, the mission will move to Algeciras to explore the Port of Algeciras and then to Cádiz, where a visit to the Bay of Cádiz Port will be conducted.

The last day of visits, April 19, will be dedicated to the Port of A Coruña, where topics related to environmental sustainability, innovation, and digitalization will be discussed.

Among the notable participants are engineers, executives, and managers from leading companies in the port and logistics sector, who will share their knowledge and contribute to enriching discussions.

The organization of CAMACOES, under the direction of Virginia Font de Matas and María José Esteban Pagueguy, highlights the importance of international cooperation for the continuous advancement of the port sector, paving the way towards a sustainable and competitively strong future on the global stage.