RETE is an international non-profit association aimed at promoting dialogue and coexistence between ports and cities. By analysing and interpreting the dynamics and phenomena stemming from their relations, RETE helps define new visions and strategies that contribute to building a better future for ports and cities.

Positioned as a global network of “knowledge” at the service of the port city and relying on the experience and competences of its partners and collaborators, RETE promotes initiatives to foster balanced, responsible and trusting relations between ports and cities. Facilitating the dialogue and empathy between the parties, RETE favours the conciliation of interests, cooperation and the building of alliances.

CTo build an international network of ports and port cities, with special reference to Europe and Latin America, with the aim of supporting and improving a better relationship and mutual collaboration, in order to achieve a balanced and integrated development of the urban and port area.

CConsistently with its “vision” and “mission”, the overarching objective of RETE is to develop programmes, projects, activities and initiatives that contribute to: the cooperation between port administrations and local, regional and national administrations, as well as with the public and private stakeholders; a better integration of ports in their territorial, economic, social, cultural and environmental surroundings; the sustainable development and the improvement of the quality of life of port cities.

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