In 2011 the Governing Board of RETE proposed publishing a special book to celebrate the Association’s 10th anniversary.
Since then the book has been welcomed by port and city professionals, researchers and decision makers, becoming for them a reference publication. Moreover, the volume was cited in numerous articles, theses, and books.

In 2022, the Governing Board decided to create an open access digital edition to deliver it for free to all people interested in it.
The decision was made coherently according to the mission of the Association: the study and dissemination of knowledge to promote solid projects and proposals to improve port-city relationship. The final objective is to reach a more organised, better planned, inclusive and sustainable development of the port city, resulting in an increased quality of life for all citizens.


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The Port City of the XXIst Century
New Challenges in the Relationship between Port and City
Joan Alemany, Rinio Bruttomesso (Editors)
RETE – Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities
1st ed. (digital version), Venice, 2022
383 p.; illustrations (colour), maps, plans.
ISBN: 978-88-906509-3-2 (digital version; June 30, 2022)

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