This morning marked the beginning of the Innovation Mission in Port Management and Development, organized by the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in Chile (CAMACOES), which will run until April 20th. The inauguration took place at the facilities of Puertos del Estado, where the first meetings were held with representatives of the Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities (RETE), with its president, Teófila Martínez, leading the delegation of this organization.

“We are committed to fostering effective collaboration between ports and cities, especially in Chile, where port activity is a significant economic pillar. From RETE, we are willing to support and assist in this integration process, which we consider fundamental for sustainable development,” said the president of RETE.

For Teófila Martínez, “collaborative planning between port and municipal authorities is essential, focused on mutual development that benefits both ports and the cities that host them. Transparency and citizen participation are crucial, ensuring that communities are involved in decisions affecting their environment.”

The event brings together experts and leaders from the port sector to exchange experiences and innovative practices aimed at improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the sector, not only in Chile but globally. RETE, recognized for its work in promoting collaboration between port cities and ports, has shared strategies and success stories on solutions to the challenges of globalization and structural changes.

Following the initial session, participants had the opportunity to visit the Coslada Dry Port, observing firsthand the applications of best practices in port management. The mission’s program includes intensive activities, visits to the Port of Valencia, the Valenciaport Foundation, and more, with presentations from entities such as Opentop and Invest in Valencia scheduled for tomorrow.

The board of CAMACOES, led by Virginia Font de Matas and María José Esteban Pagueguy, has emphasized the importance of international cooperation for the continuous progress of the sector, paving the way for a more sustainable and competitive future.

With a packed agenda of visits to some of Spain’s most important ports and sessions addressing everything from environmental sustainability to digitalization, the Innovation Mission in Port Management and Development emerges as a groundbreaking event for professionals in the port and logistics sector.