The city of Valdivia, Los Ríos Region, Chile, will host on May 27th the II SPECIAL CITIES OF WATER, “an invitation to dialogue and action on Water, Culture, Innovation and Sustainable Development”, as being defined by the convening organizations :  Illustrious Municipality of Valdivia, Valdivia Sustainable-Activa Valdivia Consortium and the CITIES 2030 Cities in Motion Foundation.

This event is a continuation of the one that was hold last August from the city of Concepción , Biobío Region, and “with that same spirit, we want to move forward to consolidate a path that opens new possibilities on this intimate relationship between water, city and citizenship”, highlight its promoters.

This II Special Water Cities, will share experiences, national and international, “with a view to creating new networks and collaborative platforms with the challenge and motivation of encouraging the construction of healthier and more sustainable cities”.

This event will have a hybrid format and will be held in partnership with other national and international organizations and institutions, among others RETE, together with the College of International Urban Jurisprudence (Puebla, Mexico), Sustainable City Magazine, Spainand World Urban Campaign, ONU-Habitat.

Current National sponsors: National Council for Urban Development, CNDU, and Corporation for the Promotion of Production – CORFO.

We attach the program of the event.

Programa FINAL – II Especial Ciudades del Agua (27 de Mayo 2022)




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