The 36th Meeting of RETE, Association for collaboration between ports and cities, will be held in Huelva (Spain) on September 29 and 30 under the claim “Models of coexistence between cities and large infrastructures of transport”.

The facilities of Las Cocheras del Puerto de Huelva will be the setting for this international meeting of experts and academics related to the urban planning of port environments, developing a program that will include a boat tour to visit the port of Huelva.

The president of RETE, Teófila Martínez, emphasizes that the objective of these international meetings is “to provide a scientific vision that marks the best possible path for institutions for a balanced development that makes up the cities in which port entities are located for all the world. In this sense, collaboration and the promotion of solid relations between ports and cities generate very positive results in terms of economic value and urban integration”, says the also president of the Port of the Bay of Cádiz.

For her part, the president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has assured that “it is a privilege for the Port of Huelva to host the RETE meeting, since this space serves as a forum for debate between different ports to exchange ideas around relevant projects in the port-city area. In the case of our port, we will present the remodeling of the Levante Dock, which will represent an outstanding milestone in the transformation of the city”.

The RETE meeting will pay special attention to the star integration projects of the port and city of Huelva, with an opening speech, on September 29, by Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio, director of the Port Authority, and a round table about “The culmination of the opening of the city towards the Ría and its port through the Levante Pier”, with the participation of Ramón Vázquez, industrial & logistics advisor and Saioa Sancho, project manager PMP of CBRE-VOBIS-Metropoli; Manuel Gómez, Deputy Mayor for Town Planning of the Huelva City Council, and César Vera, Head of the Department of Port Public Domain of the Huelva Port Authority, who will be moderated by Javier Ronchel, director of Huelva Information.

In the morning of the day there will be also a conference on “Cultural experiences as an element of port-city interaction”, by Manuel Arana, director of Planning and Development of Spain State Ports, and a second round table under the theme “The relationship between ports and cities. European Experiences”, in which Jesús Vázquez, president of the Port Authority of Vigo; Carlos Eleno Carretero, director of the Port Authority of Alicante; Bárbara Bonciani, delegate for Ports, integration, cooperation and peace, innovation and International Relations of the city of Livorno (Italy) and Marta Pontes, councilor of the Municipal Chamber of Matosinhos (Portugal), moderated by María José Maestre, journalist from Canal Sur TV.

The culmination of this first day on Thursday will be a visit by boat to the Huelva port facilities.


The day on Friday 30 will start with the analysis, in a round table, of three success stories with different actors and a common scenario: “The city and the great infrastructure”. Three notable examples will participate: Ángel María Nieva, manager of Bilbao Ria 2000, to talk about the past, present and future of the integration project in this city; a representative of AENA to present the model of coexistence of Airport Cities and particularly the case of Barajas (Madrid); and Jordi Hereu, mayor of Barcelona between 2006 and 2011, currently president of Hispasat. This table will be moderated by Rinio Bruttomesso, former president of RETE.

A presentation will then take place on “Integration processes in Latin America. Challenges and challenges”, with the participation of Jhancy Sanabria, head of International Relations of the National Administration of Navigation and Ports of Paraguay.

The last session of this 36th RETE meeting will be a colloquium on “Integration between port and city from an autonomous perspective”, in which Rafael Merino, manager of the Andalusian Ports Public Agency; Enric Martínez Sastre, director of the South Port Area of ​​Ports of the Government of Catalonia and Susana Lenguas, president of Portos de Galicia. Miguel Jiménez, director of Diario del Puerto, will moderate.

On the occasion of this meeting in Huelva, RETE will hold a session of its General Council under the presidency of Teófila Martínez, president of this association and of the Port Authority of the Bay of Cádiz.

The program and registration are available at this link: