RETE – International Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities – has re-elected Teófila Martínez for a second term as the head of this organization. The presidential elections were held within the framework of the 37th RETE Meeting, taking place today and tomorrow in Madrid at the headquarters of Puertos del Estado, with the participation of an international cast of representatives from port authorities, cities, and urban development experts. Teófila Martínez, the current president of the Port Authority of Cádiz, has been chosen for a second term as the president of RETE. She will be accompanied on the board by four vice-presidents: Latin America, Roberto Converti; Italy: Barbara Bonciani; Spain: Rafael Carmona; and Portugal: Marta Pontes. As vocal members, Manuel Arana, Roger Ríos, David Pino, Luis Prieto, and Martín Fernández. The secretary-general will continue to be Raquel Boy. This board represents Puertos del Estado, presidents of port authorities, cities, scientific experts, and urban planning specialists from RETE member countries.

Representatives from Puertos del Estado, presidents of port authorities, cities, scientific experts, and urban planning specialists from RETE member countries

Among the main lines of action for the new board of RETE is the creation of vice-presidencies in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Latin America, allowing autonomy in the organization of activities and events and promoting the strengthening of the association’s membership base, “not only through the incorporation of new ports but also, and especially, of cities and universities.”

Another goal is to increase the operation of the Scientific Committee, promote the dissemination of the ‘Advanced Nodes’ model, and continue developing the international dimension of RETE.

Conferences on Port-City Integration RETE is celebrating this 37th Meeting today and tomorrow with the aim of addressing the challenges and opportunities in relations between ports and cities on a global scale. The event, taking place at the headquarters of Puertos del Estado, brings together experts, port managers, and representatives from city-ports.

This meeting is a key platform for discussion and collaboration on issues related to the interaction between ports and cities. RETE’s president, Teófila Martínez Saiz, highlights its importance for the sustainable development of communities, where topics such as port planning, territorial innovation, and examples of port-city integration at an international level will be addressed.

On Tuesday, November 7th, the conference by the President of Puertos del Estado, Álvaro Rodríguez Dapena, and a roundtable with port leaders from Santander, Italy, and Portugal will be featured. This event represents a unique opportunity for collaboration and the exchange of ideas among key stakeholders in the field of ports and cities, with the potential to impact the future development of port communities.