Last Thursday, February 16, the Academy of the High Seas of Naples hosted the meeting “The Port of Naples and the economy of the sea”, organized by the Rotary Club of Naples East District 2101 – Italy, in collaboration with the Research Institute on Innovation and Services for Development of the CNR (Cnr-IRISS), RETE – International Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities,  International Propeller Clubs, Aniai Campania (National Association of Italian Engineers and Architects) and the Central Tyrrhenian Sea Port System Authority.

The initiative has been developed within the framework of a cycle of meetings planned between February and May 2023, with the aim of investigating the critical issues and opportunities offered by the sea that bathes the coasts of Naples and the other urban centers of the metropolitan city, combining different perspectives and bringing together the many stakeholders.

A founding and identifying element of Naples, the sea is a fundamental resource of the metropolitan and regional territory to relaunch the process of sustainable development of Campania. The many issues related to this resource require a multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach and must be addressed, in parallel, at environmental, economic and social level, involving the many potential stakeholders and promoting a constructive dialogue between the world of research, associations and institutions.

The first meeting, devoted to a reflection on the strategic importance of the port of Naples and the potential of the sea economy, was moderated by Massimo Clemente, director of CNR-IRISS and director of RETE’s Scientific Committee, and will be involve Andrea Annunziata, president of AdSP of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea; Umberto Masucci, president of Propeller Clubs Italia and Port of Naples; Francesco Tavassi, Rotary Club of Naples North; Gianluca Di Maio, member of the Rotary Club of Naples East; Fabrizio Vettosi, managing director Venice Shipping and Logistics S. p.A.; and Alessandro Castagnaro, governor district 2101 Rotary and president Aniai Campania.