The University of the Latin American Educational Center (UCEL), in collaboration with the Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities (RETE) and the Argentine Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OAME), hosted a special conference aimed at continuing the progress on the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. The focus was particularly on the ports of Rosario and Gran Rosario, crucial for navigation, commerce, and transport within Mercosur.

The conference brought together experts in the field to analyze and discuss the latest updates regarding this vital waterway. The event was coordinated by Dr. Norma Pascar, Director of the Athenaeum of Sustainable Waterways and Ports. The agenda included presentations by Miguel De Marco Jr. on “The History of the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway,” Ángel Elías discussing “The Challenges of Santa Fe for the Port Sector,” and Daniel Gómez Suvigo examining the “Agro-Industrial Value Chain: Ports, Plants, Storage, and Logistics.”

The event highlighted the significance of the waterway as a driver for integration and economic development in the Mercosur region. The panels allowed for a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, and it is expected that the discussions will serve as a springboard for future initiatives and collaborations.