RETE, the Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities, has released issue 45 of its digital magazine PORTUS, a biannual publication that is considered an international scientific reference in the understanding of port cities. Experts consider it an essential tool for the study and dissemination of work and experiences in the field of port-city relations and urban-port redevelopment initiatives.

The new issue of PORTUS, directed by José Luis Estrada, features a wide range of articles, organized into sections, that carefully examine the evolution, transformations, and emerging trends in the world’s most dynamic port cities. In doing so, it provides an interdisciplinary, rigorous, and diverse perspective on the phenomena and processes that occur within them. PORTUS is primarily edited in English, although some articles appear in other official languages of RETE: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Issue 45 of PORTUS is available at the following link:

Portus 45