Giovanna Piga, Professor of Architecture, Contemporary Design, History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Coventry, and also a Physical Affiliate Member of RETE, has recently published a book entitled “Waterfront Design in Small Mediterranean Port Towns” , a work in which he addresses “the problems faced by the coastal fronts in the small port cities of the Mediterranean due to the increase in the tourism industry”, she highlights.

“The demand for a sustainable regeneration of the urban waterfront is constant and represents the latest growth to preserve and value the uniqueness of the region and activate a general remodeling of small port cities”, she explains to situate the context faced by the book, through an in-depth investigation of the cultural and environmental assets and spatial socioeconomic factors of the urban waterfront.

The methodological and theoretical approach developed in the book can be applied to different geographical locations and countries, presenting comparable characteristics.

This book is an ideal read for professionals and students interested in urban planning and design.

Giovanna Piga

This first edition, printed by Routledge London, is a reference book to understand, from the hand of this architect with more than eighteen years of experience in various sectors and a passionate researcher, the coastal behavior of the Mediterranean, its urban regeneration, rapid urbanization , city resilience and sustainability.

The volume contains a prologue written by Rinio Bruttomesso, who is an  Italian urban architect, former president and member of the Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities (RETE).

We attach an excerpt and the link to the editor.

 ‘Waterfront design in small Mediterranean port towns’