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The final webinar on “Port-city scenarios during and after the Covid-19” will finalize the outputs of the previous webinars.

The Scientific Committee of RETE, representative of many geographical realities, expression of different competencies and of complementary points of view, invites to reflect on:

– what will be and how long will the effects of Covid-19 go on?

– how port city and coastal zone management will change?

– what role can port authorities and municipalities play?

– how have changed the marine traffics?

– how have relations between port and city changed?

– how have maritime urban communities reacted?

– how the port-urban landscape is changed?

– is the ecological footprint of port cities going to decrease?

The focus will be on three specific port city contexts: the Mediterranean basin, the North European Seas, and the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coasts of Latin America, discussed by the following speakers:

  • Rinio BRUTTOMESSO RETE President, Venice
  • Massimo CLEMENTE Scientific Director of RETE, Research Director of CNR IRISS, Naples
  • Carola HEIN Editor of PORTUSplus the Journal of RETE, Delft University of Technology
  • Josef KONVITZ Honorary Professor, Education, University of Glasgow, past Head of the Regulatory Policy Program OECD, Paris
  • Roberto CONVERTI Vice President RETE LATAM, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design UADE of Buenos Aires
  • Horacio TERRAZA Urban and Cities Specialist of The World Bank, Washington

The webinar is organized by RETECNR IRISS, Delft University of Technology and UADE of Buenos Aires, is part of the activities of the “Porto-Communities” operational table of the “Advanced RETE Node” coordinated by CNR IRISS

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