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The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting people and businesses hard. The attempt to protect people’s lives from this potentially deadly disease has changed the way ports and cities around the world operate.

In an era of New Consciousness regarding the future to come the RETE LATAM and Central America webinar has to address topics that allow us to transcend the complexity of the present, in order to find examples of practices that have allowed us to locate in a continental territory so full of challenges, permanent ways to overcome in the face of difficulty.

Topics discussed:

SOUTHERN ANTARCTICA/ports and infrastructures in exceptional nature and climates, explorations, movements and isolations, inhabitants, scientists and whalers, scenarios of hostilities and adaptations.

PANAMA CANAL’/ disruptive transformations, intercontinental maritime links and circuits, the dynamics of the economy and its impact on regional development.

THE PACIFIC OCEAN SEA FRONT/ oceanic tsunamis, changes and reactions in vulnerable geographies, ports, production and society.

THE PLATA BASIN AND HYDROVIA/ the great river network of South-Central America, spaces of continental integration, mutating infrastructures in unstable histories and policies

LARGE-SCALE TERRITORIES AND THE PORT CITY OF SANTOS/ port and industrial centralities, political and social influences on altered productive systems, strategic vision of anticipation.

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