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On Monday 23 October, Institute of Research on Innovation and Services for Development (Cnr Iriss) will host in Naples the RETE Young seminar “Sustainable development of port cities: the coastal landscape as a cultural ecosystem”, in collaboration with RETE, the Master in Sustainable Planning and Design of Port Areas (Department of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II) and the Italian National Observatory for the Protection of the Sea (ONTM).


The theme of waterfront requalification has its roots in the past, in the 1950s, when the first major transformation of port areas took place in the United States of America and, in particular, in Baltimore and Boston. With a view to rehabilitating abandoned port areas, in recent times special attention has been paid to community work in order to bring together the interests of the stakeholders involved and at the same time respond to the desires and needs of the citizens, as happened in the emblematic case of the New York port city.

In this context, the systemic sea-coast-city vision as a cultural ecosystem opens new scenarios for urban and port planning, architectural design, the economy of the sea and various disciplinary fields involved. Sensitivity to an ecosystemic vision is crucial in defining a new value system for the territory.

Understanding the dimension and weight that this value system carries means: 1) deepening the perceptions that people have of the sea, the coast, and the city as intangible heritage; 2) analysing infrastructural, urban, port and tourism phenomena for a more sustainable future for coastal territories.

Indeed, the coast is a resource to focus on, particularly in terms of sustainable tourism and of a diversified and quality cultural offer that meets the needs of communities. The main gap to be implemented, besides environmental risk issues, is the involvement of citizens in planning and management. Through new technologies, artificial intelligence approaches and co-design tools, innovative services could be designed, helping to generate development and empowerment for individuals, communities, and territories, as well as assessing and monitoring transformations with local actors.

The workshop will be opened by Massimo Clemente, Director of CNR Iriss, Scientific Director of RETE and ONTM Research and Innovation Delegate; Maria Cerreta, Director of the Master in Sustainable Planning and Design of Port Areas (PSP) at DiARC Federico II in Naples, member of the Scientific Committee of RETE; Teófila Martínez, President of the Port Authority of Cadiz and President of RETE; and Roberto Minerdo, President of ONTM.

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