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On Wednesday 18 May, at the Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Iriss) in Naples (and online as well), the volume “Dialogues between port and city in the age of globalisation. Towards a multidisciplinary approach to port challenges of ports” will be presented. The book, the 12th in the “Research and Documentation” series of the Aldo Della Rocca Foundation, is edited by Barbara Bonciani, Port Councillor for the Municipality of Livorno, member of both the Governing Board and the Scientific Committee of RETE – International Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities, Luisa Bordato, Responsible of the Confcommercio Treviso Study Centre, coordinator of the RETE “Advanced Nodes”, and Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, researcher at CNR-IRISS, scientific secretary of RETE.

The book explores the theme of port cities with new approaches and perspectives, with the aim of stimulating a constructive debate involving the academic world, policy makers and stakeholders on the new challenges posed by the process of economic globalisation to ports and the effects they generate on maritime communities. Four macro-themes of research are discussed: “Urban transformations, culture and society”, “Governance, economy and social responsibility”, “Technological innovation, sustainability and resilience” and “Reception, migration and cultural contamination”, tackled through both a theoretical and pragmatic approach. In each chapter of the book, the authors address the issues in a multidisciplinary way, both from a theoretical point of view and through emblematic cases concerning different port cities.

The book ends with some questions addressed to privileged witnesses – stakeholders from the world of ports and research – with the aim of updating and deepening themes addressed in the various contributions. The overarching objective is to define a future vision, in which the city-port system is meant as a sustainable “ecosystem” oriented towards development processes, both innovative, cultural and creative, and based on the circular economy, also taking into account the intercultural intertwining typical of the city-port.

The presentation will begin with institutional greetings from Massimo Clemente, Director of CNR-IRISS and Scientific Director of RETE, who will have the pleasure of introducing Teófila Martínez, President of RETE, and Gian Aldo Della Rocca, President of the Aldo Della Rocca Foundation.

The seminar, introduced and moderated by Rosario Pavia of the Port Community of the National Institute of Urban Planning and member of the Scientific Committee of RETE, will be the occasion for a discussion on the future of port cities with contributions from the editors Barbara Bonciani, Luisa Bordato and Eleonora Giovene di Girasole, some of the authors of the book including Nicola Martinelli, Giuseppe d’Agostino, Federica Montalto and Nicolò Montuori; Carola Hein; Giampaolo Vitali and Alga Danila Foschi; Maria Cerreta and Stefania Regalbuto; Olimpia Ferrara and Alessandro Panaro; Pietro Spataro; Fortuna Procentese and Caterina Arcidiacono; Alessandro Mazzola.

The conclusions will be drawn by Umberto Masucci, President of The International Propeller Club, Alessandro Castagnaro, President of Aniai and Professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II, and Edoardo Cosenza, Councillor for Infrastructures at Naples City Council and Professor at the Department of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II


Programme: Programma_Dialoghi tra porto e città nell’epoca della globalizzazione_

Streaming: https://bit.ly/39eaYPW

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