The president of the Port Authority of the  Bay of  Cadiz (APBC), Teófila Martínez,  and the president  of the Cajasol Foundation, Antonio Pulido, inaugurated this morning the exhibition Alfabeto Marinero, with which both institutions participate in the  IX International Congress of the Spanish Language, to be held in Cádiz from March 27 to 30.

The exhibition is composed of 30 large-format panels (3×2 meters) attached to the gate of the pier, in which a tour of words related to the sea and the port  based on the alphabet. From the A of  ANCLA  to the Z of  ZARPAR, the exhibition composes a glossary of 27 marine  terms linked, at the same time, with texts by Spanish-speaking authors in which they mention these words and with photographs also alluding.  The definition of the term according to the Spanish dictionary RAE is also included.

As explained by the president of the Port, “with the exhibition we want to show the contribution and link that port activity, the Port and the sea have had in the connection with Ibero-America and in the cultural and linguistic exchange on both sides of the Atlantic“.

The choice of voices, texts and authors has been carried out by the professor of Language,  Literature and  Social Media Josefina Junquera; the graphic design is the work of the graphic designer and photographer MiguelÁngel Castaño, who has also contributed the images that illustrate each panel, together with the photographer Óscar Cárdenas.

For Teófila Martínez this initiative is also a starting point for a new relationship between the port and the city through culture.  “That integrating culture and linked in Cadiz historically with port activity, with the Port and with the sea and at the same time with Ibero-America and with the role of the port as a gateway of language as well,” said the president.

“We also want this to be the beginning of a space of integration. We will try to give continuity to this exhibition with others, while also advancing in the physical integration of the port in the city of Cádiz”, announced Teófila Martínez.

For his part, the president of the Cajasol Foundation, Antonio Pulido, explained that “it is a pleasure for the Cajasol Foundation to join with all our available resources to this great celebration of our language and culture with capital letters that will be the International Congress of the Spanish Language that Cadiz hosts next week”.

In addition, Pulido pointed out that “in our role as cultural promoters in Andalusia, in general, and in Cádiz, in particular, it is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to this celebration by making our Cadiz headquarters available for different events and cooperating with important institutions and entities of the city such as the port authority. In addition to working hand in hand with the RAE in the implementation of parallel activities to this Congress, as is the case of the concert that Vicente Amigo will offer at the Gran Teatro Falla, on March 28 at nine in the afternoon”.