Attached is a summary related to the Call for Papers 2024 of PORTUSplus Journal (Deadline: June 30, 2024)

EN_PORTUSplus_Call for Papers 2024_Abstract_Research Themes

PORTUSplus – published by RETE, International Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities – is an open-access journal, peer reviewed and indexed, dedicated to the study of themes regarding the relationship between ports and cities and urban waterfronts with a multidisciplinary approach.

The Journal publishes and promotes scientific products and investigations – original works, studies experimental or theoretical, research results, etc. – concerning different fields of interest and from around the world.

The objective is to encourage the dissemination of knowledge and stimulate the international debate, promoting an systemic and holistic approach in the investigation and application, also exploring the interaction between policies and practices in the process.